Simon has guided many leading companies and public bodies on the development of new products, designs and services, inspired by real life observation and inputs from end-users.

His co-creation and concept development work takes raw ideas and helps develop them with consumers and audiences. He brings manufacturers, designers or public bodies together with their users, then provides a framework to get the most out of their interactions.

His ideation work generates rich ideas through knowing how to work with different kinds of creativity.

Simon runs client workshop sessions to help companies think clearly about the innovation process right from the start. This helps them address the tough questions – like identifying the real benefit of the idea to end-users – early on.

With his strong analytical and language skills, Simon helps get clients’ ideas clear and crisp from the start. This saves his clients time and research spend in the long run. Clients also use his skills outside the ‘research’ part of the process: Simon is a skilled writer of consumer concepts and helps develop straplines and positioning statements.

“During my time at Philips Healthcare Incubator, Simon conducted several studies for us, all very well organised and with excellent results … he is very creative, inspiring and willing to run the extra mile whenever necessary.”
Former research consultant to Philips Healthcare, Netherlands