Simon has spent many hours in stores around the UK over the last decade and more, observing shopping behaviour and exploring the unspoken assumptions that underpin it. He headed up Shopper Qual at his last agency and in that role helped fellow researchers around Europe with qualitative shopper methodologies.  Simon has an acute sense of what really matters to shoppers and what is possible in-store, which only long experience of working with retailers and personally doing the shopper fieldwork brings.

Simon has unpicked many categories from a shopper perspective, including laundry, home cleaning, air care, alcoholic drinks and gift cards. He has helped develop new qual approaches, including combining real in-store experiences with retail lab work and using creative spaces for fresh thinking about fixture optimisation. He has also combined shopper work with pack development, bringing the shopper angle into pack design and the refinement of on-pack messaging.

Simon has gained particular insight from collaborating with eye-tracking providers, to explore what shoppers really look at in-store. Combined with in-store observation, it is invaluable tool to get past the ‘rational filter’ you get with shoppers’ self-explanations.

“Always impressed with Simon’s qualitative analysis and his expertise in the field of shopper and retail.”
Shopper Research Director, SPA Future Thinking

“I have always found his level of understanding second to none – not only as a qual researcher but also someone who really does understand eye-tracking as a methodology.”
Director of Eyetracker