Simon Riley created Shore in 2010 to deliver imaginative and sharp qualitative research. His main focus is how people really live their lives in Britain today – from how they consume media, to how they organise their lives, to how they shop. Simon digs beneath the surface of what people say about themselves, to understand what they really do and how they really think.

For Simon growing up by the Belfast Lough, the shore was always somewhere to get some fresh air and have a think. And this is what Shore is to his clients, whether researchers themselves or other insight professionals: a chance to pause, reconnect with people and think through ideas. Then return to the fray refreshed, seeing things more clearly and with a smart plan of action.

Simon draws upon 14 years as a specialist qual researcher, latterly as a qual research director at Ipsos MORI. He also brings experience from outside the research world, having started working life as a solicitor in a leading law firm.

Highly collaborative, Simon is equally happy delivering whole projects as an independent researcher or working in a freelance capacity with partner agencies. He can be brought in for anything from initial thinking about research design to guide-writing, fieldwork, analysis, debriefing and post-project consultancy. He can also help where a client workshop is involved – or just chat through a tricky issue, to help spark fresh thinking.

Examples of recent projects include:

•    Longitudinal research on financial decision-making
•    Online communities to inspire early stage NPD work
•    Stakeholder groups on future transport infrastructure development
•    Ethnographic design research on kitchens
•    Advertising development research for a global confectionery brand

Simon draws too on a close circle of like-minded senior qual researchers in the UK for extra resourcing on the bigger projects.

As well as running UK research, Shore is also a hub for international qual, where Simon partners with experts around the world. Simon has long experience of managing qual across Europe, the MENA region, the USA and Africa in particular.