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Simon Riley

Simon Riley is a qualitative research consultant, based in Oxford, UK. He draws on over 20 years’ experience as a qual specialist. Formerly a Research Director in Ipsos MORI, he headed up Marketing Qual there but also worked with clients across the agency’s specialisms, including media, advertising and social research. He continues to be a genuine all-rounder and able to tune into people from all walks of life.

He went independent in 2010 to be around more as a dad, and to spend more time on the fieldwork and analysis he loves. He is an AQR Ambassador, championing high standards in the qualitative research industry. He is active in the Independent Consultants’ Group and a Fellow of RSA.

Simon was born and brought up in Northern Ireland. He graduated in Law from St. Anne’s College, Oxford in 1991 and worked for a time for a leading London law firm. But he had a eureka moment in 1997 when he discovered qualitative research and realised he'd been in the wrong job. He hasn’t looked back since.