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What clients and qual experts say

“Simon and I worked together on a confectionery brand I was setting up for a client. Simon was pragmatic at handling a difficult brief and many client-led demands, organised at executing the research and fieldwork, and did an excellent job pulling the insight into a clear, actionable report promptly after the research was completed. An experienced professional, I hope to work with Simon again soon.”

Adrian Hodes, management consultant

“He is an excellent qualitative researcher with all the skills needed to design, execute and debrief projects of both a strategic and tactical nature. I would have no hesitation in employing his services again, or recommending others to do likewise.”

Alex Charlton, owner and director at Craft Research

"Simon is a creative and thoughtful researcher who sees clearly through the detail to the key solutions of any problem. He'll give you the facts but never lose sight of the spirit of your brand, product or market.He's empathetic, intuitive - and a pleasure to work with."

Anne Ward, former Ipsos UK Head of Qualitative Research

"I worked with Simon for a number of years and always found his work exceptionally thorough and conscientious. Simon loves research and is great fun to work with as well as being an excellent researcher."

Ann Whalley, insight consultant and former chair of AQR

"Always impressed with Simon's qualitative analysis and his expertise in the field of shopper and retail. Simon is able to factor out the typical post rationalisation expressed by shoppers in his interpretation of their behaviour. Incidentally, he is a thoroughly nice chap to work with and provides useful practical support in the execution of projects. Would have no hesitation in recommending Simon's services."

Jamie Rayner, MD of Shoppercentric

“Simon did a great job – what particularly impressed me was the detail he went into in his written analysis which went above and beyond what I was expecting. He has a good analytical mind, and provided really useful insight in the analysis session. Would recommend him without hesitation.”

Jerry Latter, YouGov

“Simon is an extremely talented qualitative researcher. He has a great strategic mind and is an excellent project manager. Simon managed projects for us in a number of challenging markets and not only kept things moving smoothly but delivered extremely insightful and well written reports. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Kevin Cowan, ex-BBC insights manager

“I commissioned Simon (then at Ipsos MORI) to undertake a piece of research of long term impact of individuals’ engagement with the British Council – across several countries. In short, Simon was really easy to work with – professional (understanding the brief fully) always meeting deadlines and his communications were always very clear. He ran a presentation to senior staff on completion of this research was was very clear and simple (not necessarily easy given the complexity of the research!). He was also good fun to work with. I have no hesitation recommending Simon!”

Lena Milosevic MBE, former regional director for British Council


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